• Courtney Hittle

November 4, 1958

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GAD! What does all of this mean?

More about the references made in the letter below...

Art Linkletter. "Emcee, star and developer (with producer John Guedel) of People Are Funny and House Party, two of radio’s longest-running audience participation programs" (Schaden)." People Are Funny also ran as a TV program from 1954-1961. Life With Linkletter, which was released on ABC for two years, was picked up by CBS, and was re-named Linkletter's House Party. Linkletter began working in radio in the early 40s, and was known for his "conversational style" (Blair). Like many comedians and TV personalities, he suffered a lot of personal grief, as a father with three deceased children. Still, his positive outlook shined through his performance.

1958 People Are Funny: Starring Art Linkletter Sioux City ad.

1952 Green Giant Art Linkletter ad.

Sukiyaki made by Sarah Leung of The Woks of Life blog. Sukiyaki is a traditional Japanese meal, normally cooked at the table, that contains "enoki mushrooms, napa cabbage, fatty beef, noodles, and tong ho, a leafy green from the chrysanthemum family with a very particular, slightly medicinal flavor that actually goes great with the sweetness of the Sukiyaki sauce/broth" (Leung).

1958 Texas Texaco Oil Road Map

1955 Wanderin' With Eddy Arnold record.

In the second picture from the top, William and Mary Kappa Delta ladies work on crafting their 1958 homecoming float. Konny's friend, Dot Mundy, was the Vice-President of Kappa Delta that year.

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